The cushion refilling process

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IMG_2086 (3)

Re-filling caravan cushions is a part of what we do, we have a very good reputation for helping caravan owners have a more comfortable sleeping experience on their holidays.  We offer three main types of filling:

1. Economy filling with a one year guarantee, but still better than what you get in new caravans and motorhomes.
2. TCS 400 is a good comfortable filling suitable for most people up to 14 stone with a full seven years guarantee. Soft to Medium.
3. TCS 600m is the highest quality filling available and suitable for heavier people and still comes with a full 7 years guarantee.

Medium to firm. This is what we recommend to most of our customers and this is what most customers of all sizes prefer.

Many past customers return to have this filling when they change caravans. We have many letters of recommendation.

The procedure for refills by mail order is easy, just follow these instructions:-
1. Cut your underlining from corner to corner as in the photo. We replace that with new so don’t worry.
2. Cut the buttons off and put them all in a small plastic bag.
3. Take the covers off & put them with buttons and a printout of the web quote or your details.
4. Send them all in a box to us via the post office, recorded delivery including adequate insurance of at least £1000.

When we receive the covers we will re-fill them and fit new under-linings and re-button them if required to send back the next
day free of charge by carrier service.

Please click on the link to get a price >>>CLICK HERE

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