Foam Supply DIY



We can supply sheet foam to any depth, the usual is 1", 2", 3", 4", 5" ,6".

Most caravan cushions are fitted with 5" or sometimes 6" deep cushions.


Dacron Fibre Wrap

We usually fit a dacron fibre wrap to the cushion faces to give a deeper plush sculptured feel tand look to the finished cushions.


Knee Roll or Raised Front Roll

We often fit a knee roll or raised front to the cushions to make them more comfortable to sit on.

It is a compromise though as some people don't like it to sleep on.

Our TCS special foam is comfortable and springy and so is not so bulky to feel a knee roll when fitted.


"B" Shaped or Angled Backrests

We can provide any profile shaped or angled backrests using our profile foam cutting machine.


Roll Front Cushions

We can profile the front of any cushions to suit the application as needed.


We can fit spring cushions if required but they are not as good as the best foam fillings for caravan and motorhome seats as the depth of the cushions is not thick enough.