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Tockfield have been in business since 1982. We have hundreds of recent letters and thousands of recommendations available to see when you visit us.

We have many customers who are pleased with our service, quality and price who support us with comments and recommendations on this site and our Facebook page. Many people who use our fantastic high quality service return years later when they swap their caravans or motorhomes and often when they have brought brand new vehicles because they trust us to provide true sleeping comfort which is priceless for your very special holiday moments out of your usual bed and into your holiday bed.


Most brand new caravans and motorhomes these days use the cheapest cushion fillings, be it springs (plastic or cheap steel) or cheap foam, their marketing is great at getting you to part with your money. Most use cheap cushion fillings just to get them past the Warranty period even though they seem good in the showroom and look pretty in their new fabric. We are an independent Company serving the general public without any pressure from the industry.

GOOD TIP, If it feels very firm as new but the seller says it will soften up. Beware because it will probably feel much worse later. If it feels lovely when new from Tockfield, it will still feel lovelly for years, thats what you pay a little extra for.

We have always aimed at very high quality and long term customer relations because we knew many years ago that true comfort is so very important for people when on holiday in their caravans, motor homes or boats.
Pay a little bit extra for the best, you deserve it and you only get one life and worse still very few vitally important holidays. I personally count my life by the summers, did I have a nice summer this year, I am getting older now and I can only still count the best summers on one hand, the best holidays on one hand.
All of our holidays and comfort, especially in bed, is a special moment in time and so important, it can be the best moments of ones lives, so please do not ruin your special moments by cheating on the cash and sacrificing true comfort at that special holiday moment in time.

We have been proven right in that many of our previous customers come back to us time and time again to get the perfect comfort level that they expect. Comfort, softness, durability,  low weight, and most importantly, better sleep while on holiday. Low Weight is so important for fuel efficiency and towing. We know how to get the balance right, the best achievable comfort at a light weight and at a good price for the quality. 

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